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There are many different winged insects that are commonly called “bees” even though they may not be. If you have found that your home has been invaded by one of these flying creatures note what you see. The better the information that is provided to Orange County Bee Removal experts, the easier it will be to take care of the problem. First let’s take a quick look at the different types of flying insects you may encounter.

The Honey Bee – One of the most common and most beneficial insects, but annoying when they invade your home.

The Hornet – Hornets are very aggressive, and nest in open areas.

The Wasp – A wasp has one of the most painful stings there is. They prefer to be in the attic; however, their nest is small enough they will house anywhere that is convenient.

The Bumble Bee – The bumble bee is very thick and hairy. Bumble bees are primarily solitary.

No matter what type of bee infestation you have, they can be harmful to yourself, your family, and even your pets. Bee infestation in Orange County is not uncommon with all the different fruit trees and such that are in the area. When you find that your home has been invaded, do not fret or try to take matters into your own hands. This can cause further more costly problems for you. It is best to leave this type of work to Orange County Bee Removal experts.

The Bee Detectives are a great place to contact in the event your home has been overrun, or even if you see only a few bees. Take the proactive approach before it becomes a bigger problem. The Bee Detectives are highly trained professionals who will be able to eliminate your bee problem with little to no interruption in your everyday activities.

The courteous and friendly staff at the Bee Detectives provides the following services:

Bee/Wasp Swarm Removal – Swarming usually occurs when a new queen is emerging and taking worker bees with her to establish a new hive. A swarm is extremely protective of the queen. If they fail to establish a nest, the bees will set out to find a new hive to assimilate to.

Bee Rescue – Bee rescue is the process by which honey bees are extracted and relocated to a new environment. They are very valuable in the pollination process. Whenever it is possible honey bees will be saved for relocation.

Beekeeping – Beekeeping requires extensive knowledge of how to handle and care for bees. Our experience in beekeeping gives us an even better edge over the regular pest guys. As a matter of fact, we really do like bees.

Wasp Extermination – Wasps can be very unfriendly and a huge annoyance. Trained staff will remove them without any harm to you or your property using up-to-date techniques.

Yellow Jacket Control – The Bee Detectives will take necessary measures to remove the queens and eliminate the hives. Yellow Jackets are very harmful, and quite a nuisance.

Contact our professionals at The Bee Detectives for bee removal and wasp removal service in Orange County and the Los Angeles area. Bee removal experts are standing by at (714) 546-4510.