Types of Wasps

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Wasp Control

Wasps are flying insects that many people are afraid of. They can sting and that can be quite painful. There are steps that can be taken to get rid of wasps. Before you do so though, you need to learn that they are quite beneficial to the environment as well. With that in mind, efforts that aren’t harmful to the environment can be implemented. Such measures are in place for wasp control in Orange County.

There are various types of wasps that can be found around Southern California. They include:

Paper Wasps are found around locations where there are lots of trees and the climate is warm. They can make their nests around the eaves of a home and even around the ends of a clothesline. While they can be aggressive, they are only likely to attack if they feel like they are being threatened.

Mud Dauber Wasps are found around locations that offer plenty of mud. They actually make their nests from the mud. They aren’t considered to be very dangerous or aggressive. They tend to be found in large numbers in isolated areas due to the types of conditions that they need for survival. They help to keep spider populations down as that is their main diet.

Yellow Jackets are very aggressive wasps. Many people don’t know it, but only the females have stingers. Unlike other wasps that only sting once, this species can sting repeatedly. They can also be highly invasive and create large populations. They are fast moving and have a diverse setting where they can thrive. That is why they are one of the main species that wasp control in Orange County is concerned with.

There is no denying that wasps can help the environment, especially with pollination. They can also help with keeping the population of various insects and bugs to a minimum. Yet there may come a time when you feel that they are a danger to your home or business. Should you have a problem with wasps, call in Orange County wasp control professionals, The Bee Detectives. The Bee Detectives can help you with identifying the type of wasps you have and getting rid of wasps once and for all.

As wasp control and removal professionals, we have the methods to quickly and efficiently remove the wasps for you. We can do so in a manner that is safe and more importantly, we will also get the job done for a fair price. You can call us at 714-546-4510 for a free assessment estimate. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate service for emergency situations.