Yellow Jacket Removal

Avoid and Treat Yellow Jacket Stings With the Help of Our Professionals

yellow jacket removalYellow Jacket Removal

One of the reasons people hate yellow jacket wasps is that they confuse them for bees. Both insects are furry and yellow, but the yellow jacket has a thin waist and is missing the elongated hind legs of the bee. The bee is less likely to sting and, when it does, will falter and die. The yellow jacket can sting many times, and this does not cause its death. This makes it a tougher adversary for people who want to mess with it and creates the need for yellow jacket removal in Orange County.

The second reason people tend to dislike yellow jackets so much is that they’re omnivorous, and seem to have a sweet tooth. Your picnic jelly, your glazed donuts, your open yogurt container, your kids’ ice cream, all of these are attractive feasts for the yellow jacket. Yellow jackets also loiter around picnic trashcans and pools, and this brings them in contact with humans.

In reality, yellow jackets are not very intent on stinging humans. The ones you see foraging are simply tasked with bringing food back to the colony. The ones you’ll find in the colony itself are likely stingless males. However, the female worker wasps are fighters, and will defend the nest fiercely. Also, if they’re out getting food and they feel threatened, they may sting simply as a defensive tactic.

While there are some ways to combat yellow jacket wasps, we do not recommend yellow jacket removal on your own. Spraying is one such “solution” – it will kill some wasps (the ones that come in direct contact with the spray), but it will scatter the rest of the colony. The remaining wasps will hide inside the walls, make new nests and create more problems later.

A good prevention method is simply to put food away. Closing all your garbage bags tightly helps. Discarding scraps promptly after a meal is helpful as well. Wiping food areas is important, as a dab of jelly is food for several dozen wasps.

Lure traps can be a good solution in yellow jacket removal. Lure traps can kill the foraging worker wasps, but they won’t kill off the colony. Also, lure traps have toxic chemicals in them, so it is essential that your children and pets are unable to get to them.

The best way to get rid of yellow jacket wasps is to call a professional in yellow jacket control in Orange County. Not only do professionals have the know-how and experience, we also have the proper tools for the job and the protective gear to avoid injuries.

If you find yellow jackets in your home, do not risk getting stung. Call the professionals: The Bee Detectives have tons of experience with insects of all kinds and yellow jacket removal especially. Reach us at 714-546-4510 and we’ll ‘bee’ right over.