Skilled Orange County Beekeepers Trained to Handle Bees and Wasps The Proper Ways

BeekeepingBeekeeping is perhaps not a hobby that everyone would love to take part in. In fact there are countless people who fear the winged insect. Granted receiving a bee sting is not any fun for the stinger or the one being stung; however, there is much more to bees than just the occasional sting. For instance, did you know that honey bees are responsible for pollinating the majority of foods involved in our diet? Sure, there are other insects that can pollinate as well, but only the noble bee is perfect for domestication on a large scale.

There are quite a few things about bees that you may not be aware of. For instance, bees can fly up to 15 miles per hour, and has to fly nearly 55,000 miles while visiting over a million flowers to make 1 pound of honey. Something you are sure to find interesting, honey bees are the only insect to produce food used by humans. What is really special is that the only food that contains all the nutrients necessary to sustain life is honey.


Orange County beekeepers strive to make sure that when unwanted bees are present, measures are taken to remove the colony safely. The colony is then relocated to an orchard or somewhere that the bees can be safe and continue their important service. Safe beekeeping will use every care to ensure that bees are completely removed from your property, to include the hive and any honey that may remain. When these items are not cleared, they can attract other pests that you do not want around your home.

A honey bee swarm is no potential threat to humans. They will not attack unless they are provoked, so if you see a swarm – stay away. Orange County beekeepers will be able to help you with getting the bees removed from your property safely. Honey bee rescue is preferred over exterminating the winged insect. The honey bee provides a valuable service to people, and to lose any puts the pollination cycle in danger of failing crops.

Something to think about, with everything in the world that is continuously changing, honey bees have remained constant. After 20 million years, they are the same today as they were back then. Currently the honeybee takes care of about 80 percent of the pollination of vegetable, fruit, and seed crops, so surely you can see why they are important to us. Believe it or not, responsible beekeeping will assist in saving crops as well.

The next time you find that you have a run in with honey bees, do not be so quick to pull out insecticides that may hurt you. Instead, call the professionals at beekeeping here at Bee Detectives. Beekeeping is a passion of ours and our agents are certified beekeepers, and specially trained in honey bee rescue. With all the benefits provided by these noble insects, we want them to be safely cared for. So if you have a bee in your bonnet, do not wait. Call today to (714) 546-4510 and we will gladly dispatch someone out to remove your troubles for you.