Bee Rescue

Guaranteed Safe Bee Nest Removal Service and Bee Rescue in Orange County and Los Angeles Area

bee-rescueThe honey bee shortage is a world-wide problem. Not only does it affect us, but everyone who depends on eating food from crops. Think about that for just a moment, all people in the world eat whether they are vegetarian or meat eater. Bee rescue has never been more important than is is now. But the plight of the honey bee has influence over the animal and plant realm as well. Animals eat food that has been pollinated by bees, and if the pollination of the plants decreases, other animal populations would soon follow. To put into perspective just how important the honey bee is to this ecological balance, nearly 80% of the food we consume that requires pollination is completed by the honey bee.

Orange County bee rescue is taking a serious stance on improving the quality of bee care. First you have to determine if bees are in a colony or swarm. A swarm is a gathering of bees that are taking up residence on a temporary basis while they are looking for a place to keep the hive or colony. Generally this occurs on the emergence of a new queen. She will direct the workers to follow her through scent, and they move together. A swarm will usually relocate within 7 days, but if they are an annoyance to you consider their value before you break out harmful insecticides.

It is best to leave bees removed by professional Orange County bee rescue teams. Use of sprays can upset the bees, and may cause harm to you as well. Trained beekeepers are knowledgeable about how to extract the bees safely without any harm to the creatures. Through a bee rescue program, these bees can be relocated and used in local gardens or orchards. In the Los Angeles area, The Bee Detectives are able to remove and relocate swarms and colonies through the use of environmentally safe measures.

Bee relocation is good for your home, good for the county, good for the country, and even good for the world. Beekeepers will evaluate the bees to see if they are able to rescue them. Sometimes feral or wild bees have too much of the Africanized trait in them and can be extremely hostile. In bee relocation efforts, measures are taken to have the hive or swarm re-queened to breed out some of aggressive characteristics. By doing so, the bees settle and are able to be domesticated.

It is always preferable to remove bees in an environmentally friendly fashion. Where this is not possible and more strenuous measures have to be taken, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional bee service such as The Bee Detectives to come out and assess the situation. Our well trained professional beekeepers are able to eliminate your problem. If you have any question or concern on bee removal or bee rescue, please call us at (714) 546-4510 today, and we will gladly send someone to come assess the situation and provide you with the best options available.