Paper Wasps

Prompt and Efficient Paper Wasp Nest Removal Service To Solve Wasp Infestation Problems

A Paper Wasp is literally a good guy if you are a gardener who needs them and knows how to stay away from them. They can also be an aggressive, multi-stinging insect that can deliver a case of anaphylactic shock to others.

If you are dealing with Paper Wasps, or any other type of bothersome insect or creature, let us inform you of your options. Since people build suitable nesting grounds, the Paper Wasp tends to nest near them. You will also find them in trees, drain pipes, or other small nooks and crannies around your property. This puts humans at risk for stings. In some cases, it may be necessary to control these wasps to minimize your risks. If you have such a case, and need Paper Wasp nest removal in Orange County, it would be wise to call a professional to take on the job.

What are Paper Wasps?

A Paper wasp is of the Vespid family and Polistes subfamily. The average American species will measure between 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch in length. Brown, with orange or yellow markings, their long legs will hang down when are airborne. Resembling other wasps, being narrow at the waist, with the spindle shaped abdomen. Yes, it has a stinger on the end.

There are approximately 22 species that cause problems for American outdoors people, but there are over 300 known species worldwide, with even more subspecies totaling approximately 1100 of the species and growing up to 1.8 inches long.

Paper Wasp Nests

Paper Wasps are active from very early spring through late summer. A Paper wasp will nest in the open, usually hanging from the porch eves. Attaching with the small end and flaring outward, it will resemble an inverted umbrella. Unlike a Yellow Jacket or Hornet which builds its nest completely enclosed.

Every year, the foundress Paper Wasp Queen has to build a new nest. She does this by masticating wood into a pliable pulpy substance. Each female can assume the position as Queen, although there will only be one dominant Queen per nest. When she raises her first generation of workers, they will in turn begin a new colony of their own. By the end of one growing season, a Paper Wasp nest can be up to eight inches in length. Unlike the workers who die in freezing temperatures, the Queen will hibernate, and be ready again in the spring.

A Paper Wasp as a Beneficial Pest

Paper wasps are an important part of our ecosystem and bio-control. They are predators for damaging insect such as beetles larvae, caterpillars, flies, and other insects that eat your garden plants and ornamentals. They also feed on plants nectar, helping the pollination of them.

Do Paper Wasps Sting?

Unlike a Yellow Jacket or Hornet, which are very aggressive, the Paper Wasp is a very territorial wasp, will usually attack only if their nest or themselves are threatened. Paper wasps do sting to defend heir nest, or themselves.We know that honeybees, due to having barbed stingers can only sting once. Paper Wasps can sting multiple times, plus can summon the other hive mates using an alarm pheromone message calling in reinforcements. Stay calm, avoid swatting at them, and call us immediately. Their stings are very painful and produce a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock among those individuals who are allergic.

How to Control Paper Wasps

If you cannot tolerate a Paper Wasp nest, please consider twice about taking them on yourself. Removing a paper wasp nest can be very dangerous, and even fatal to some. It is advised that a professional be contacted to assist first.

The Bee Detectives are available for all Paper Wasp Removal in Orange Country. We have over 10 years experience removing some of the toughest and hard to find problems when it comes to bee and wasps removal. High, low, or tight spots are no problem. Just drop us a line at 714-546-4510. We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate service for emergency situations.