Honey Bees

Honeybee Removal That’s Safe and Effective

Few people are aware of the incredible contribution that honey bees make to human existence. Honey bees pollinate approximately 80 percent of flowering crops, which in turn, constitute about a third of our diet. In addition to the vegetables, fruits and nuts that require honey bees to complete their lifecycles, alfalfa and clover require bees as well. Without those grasses, beef and dairy consumption would be greatly reduced.

Bee are adaptable, in the suburbs they can use the interior of a house wall or even the underside of an outside grill for a home. Once they become established, they will bravely defend their new home from all invaders including humans. Households that discover they are sharing their property with honey bees should not attempt to remove or kill them. Homeowners who attempt honeybee removal in Orange County often find they have taken on more than they can handle. In some cases they may find the bees in question are Africanized, the so-called “killer bees“, which are very aggressive.

Here are some other interesting facts about honey bees.

  • Non-native – Prior to the arrival of Europeans, there were no honey bees in North America. Consequently, no plants such as apples that needed them for pollination were here either.
  • Queen bees: Made not born – What determines whether a female bee grows up to be a queen or a lowly worker is dependent on what she is fed. All female larvae receive royal jelly at first but at a certain point those who are going to be workers are switched to pollen while for those destined to be royalty, royal jelly stays on the menu.
  • Workers change jobs over their lifespan – The life of a worker bee is busy but not boring, throughout their lives workers fill many jobs. The start out as housekeepers and nannies and then they move on to nectar and pollen receivers before becoming hive guards. Eventually, a worker reaches the pinnacle of her career, going out into the world to forage.
  • Worker bees dance a lot – Bees use dances to communicate with one another. A worker’s dance may indicate where a good source of nectar is or simple ask receiver bees to unload the nectar she has foraged.
  • Only honey bees swarm – With other bees, when a new colony is established a fertilized queen goes off by herself to start a hive. With honey bees, however, a group of workers accompanies a queen to start the new colony. While seeing bees swarm can be intimidating, swarming bees are usually docile. Having not established a hive, they have nothing to protect; the potential for human to bee trouble increases dramatically once bees have set up their home. Leave honeybee removal in Orange County to professionals such as The Bee Detectives. Our bee removal experts can do it safely and usually find the bees a new home.

While it is hard to be thankful for bees when they invade your space, it is important to remember that they serve a vital purpose. Bees are a natural resource and have suffered for the last decade from what has been labeled “Colony collapse disorder” (CCD). As such, honey bees are endangered and may be headed toward extinction. For honeybee removal in Orange County, call us, The Bee Detectives, at 714-546-4510.