Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees Removal By Licensed Professionals

Carpenter bees got their name from their ability to build their own nests in burrows within old wood. They have complex social structures and live in relatively large groups. These bees are generally not very hostile – the males of the species do not carry a stinger, and the females do not have a high propensity to attack humans unless expressly provoked.

There are three types of carpenter bees: Foothill carpenter bees, Valley carpenter bees and California carpenter bees. These insects have a valid role as pollinators for open-faced flowers in Southern California, and many people do not consider them a pest. However, when a hive develops in your home, this can cause a number of nuisances.

These bees do not represent a structural threat to wooden houses. These bees do not eat wood; they simply discard rotted wood to create their dwellings. They also do not burrow too deep into the wood. However, bees create honey and honey can cause wood to rot. Problems associated with carpenter bees include mold, rotted wood, bad smells and the arrival of other insects.

There is no easy way to prevent carpenter bees from ‘setting up house’ in your house. Once scouts arrive and find suitable wooden spots, a hive can soon develop. Even if you spot just a few bees, it is important to address the problem right away. By keeping the scouts away, you can prevent the establishment of a hive. Bees can establish a hive within a couple of days, and begin honey production within four days.

If you spot a hive in your home, it is very important that you do not try to eliminate them on your own. Trying to kill the bees of get rid of their nest can compel them to defend themselves, at which point they will attack. There are also no guarantees that the bees won’t simply relocate to a different spot within your home. Even if you successfully eliminate them, it is likely that they would return.

If you notice dead bees on the floor of your home, this indicates a heavy infestation. This is a sign that a hive in your home has grown to a very large size, and bees are dying either due to lack of food or to a congested entry hole to the hive. If you notice this, it is imperative you contact an expert Orange County carpenter bees removal service.

Some extermination services cannot detect the presence of Africanized bees. This is an important skill for any exterminator. Carpenter bees are larger and more docile; Africanized bees are smaller and much more aggressive.

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