Bumble Bees

Humane Removal Bumble Bees

Bumble bees are fascinating creatures that have been pollinating flowers, vegetables and fruits for centuries. They are gentle creatures that are interested in pollinating flowers rather than producing honey. With over 250 species of bumble bees worldwide, there are remarkably few gardens that you will not find them flying around.

These species of bee tend to live in far smaller colonies, and they rarely swarm which is why they are not a massive problem. However, some people prefer to have the nest removed, which is why you may need the services of the Orange County bumble bee removal team. You need to control the population in your garden as they can be beneficial to the survival of many plants.

You will need to provide a varied supply of different flowers and plants to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the bumble bees. The bees need to access pollen from March to September and will begin to build their nest where they feel comfortable. In many gardens this is not an issue, unfortunately, some bees will build it in unsuitable places.

Bee infestation has begun to become a serious problem, and some people find their presence to be disturbing. Many bees will build their nest underground, and if left alone will never be a problem. However, if the bees have built the nest in the decking, or near children’s play equipment, you may find that you need to have them removed.

Removal of the bumble bees in Orange County should be left to the experts to ensure that the bees are removed safely and that no one is stung in the process. Knowledge is crucial when moving bees to another area, which is why you may want to hire the most efficient Orange County bumble bee removal team. They will assess the situation and determine the best way to remove the bees.

Allowing small colonies of bees into your garden is fantastic, but the moment they grow too large, you need to consider action. Over population can cause damage to your garden, and some gardeners have found the bumble bees to be pests. Controlling the bees that you allow to pollinate the area may seem extreme, but it can help to grow a stunning garden.

Every aspect of the bee removal should be carried out calmly and professionally by the people who understand how the bees will react. Sudden movements may trigger the bumble bees to swarm which can cause issues. The professionals know what they are doing, which is why the moment you find a nest that you want removed, calling them is essential.

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