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Southern California summers can bring people and flying insects together, much to the chagrin of both sides. There are several fliers common to the area – some of these are stinging insects, some of them are harmless, and some of these are more aggressive than others.

The carpenter bee is pretty common in Southern California and Orange County is not an exception. Carpenter bees are usually loners, though the occasionally can build simple nests. As the name implies, they build their nests in wood crevices. These bees don’t really pose a threat to humans, but the problem is that their nests can become a nuisance. Carpenter bees are honey-producing, and this can cause the wood around their nests to rot and decay. They can also cause minor structural damage to timbers, and leave ugly holes in the wood.

The best way to keep carpenter bees away is by painting or varnishing wood surfaces and covering holes and crevices with caulk. This is generally a good practice for wood upkeep, and is worth doing even if one does not consider bees.

Another common presence in the Southern California summers are various types of wasps. Mud dauber wasps are generally harmless and, being loners, do not pose the threat of a large colony. The same goes for paper wasps. These are not very aggressive. Gardeners class both these types of wasp as beneficial, as they feed on caterpillars and flies.

Yellow jacket wasps are a serious pest. Their colonies can grow to over 15,000 wasps in one summer. The female workers are tough fighters and can be quite aggressive. These wasps will attack at a slight provocation – a loud sound, a sudden movement, a human coming too close to the nest. Yellow jacket wasps can sting repeatedly and, unlike a bee, won’t die themselves by stinging. Yellow jackets do not lose their stinger after they sting.

Bumblebees can be scary because of their large size, but they tend to avoid humans, and they live in small colonies. Bumblebees can also sting though, and they can sting multiple times. It is advisable to steer clear of these large insects.

While there are several homemade solutions for fighting off yellow jackets, these can be ineffective and dangerous. It is strongly recommended you do not try to remove a yellow jacket colony by yourself, as you could be severely injured.

The right thing to do when spotting an bee or wasp infestation is to call a professional. When it comes to bee removal Orange County residents have one clear choice: The Bee Detectives are very experienced in bee removal, wasp control and other insect-related challenges. Call us at 714-546-4510. You will find our professional, expedient service makes us an unrivaled bee exterminator in Orange County.

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