Bee Removal in Westminster

Honey Bees Nest Removal and Control Service in Westminster, CA

Bumblebee nests and their inhabitants sometimes will be considered a nuisance by property owners. For those who do not wish to have the bumblebees around to pollinate the garden during bee season, consider relocating the bees rather than destroying them. Consider that bumblebees are the most docile of the bee species and are not likely to sting. Additionally, bumblebee colonies are on the decline, and many species have become extinct. Other bees may also build nests and become an annoyance to property owners and building occupants. When bee removal in Westminster is necessary it is recommended to call in the professionals to take care of the matter. Some bees can be aggressive, and there is a right way to remove the nests without harming the bees.

Before removing a bumblebee nest there needs to be an alternative nest site. This may be a wooden box or ceramic plant pot. The key is to make sure that water cannot get in and that bees are able to fly in and out. The new nesting site needs to be at least 2 miles from the current location if at all possible. This way, bees do not come back to the original site. Consideration for the bees’ survivability ought to be considered as well. They will need to be relocated in an area where there is ample supply of nectar supply. The best time to move the bees is when it gets dark. Protective equipment should be worn to prevent injury in case of stings. Bumblebees will only stay in a nest for one season and then move on, so this should be considered also.

Calling a professional bee removal service is a good way to go about removing unwanted bees. It eliminates the home owner and other inhabitants from potential injury in removal attempts. If the right steps are not taken to remove the bee nest, it may lead to additional problems that can hit the pocketbook for additional costs. When the bees and nest are not completely removed, deceased bee carcasses can attract other harmful pests. Bees are beneficial to food that is grown for human consumption, so to keep them alive and thriving is the ultimate goal. If the nest is not kept in an upright position, nectar pots will spill causing harm to the bees. This loss of essential material may lead to the failure of the hive to flourish.

For bee nest removal in Westminster, California acquire services from the Bee Detectives. Our highly trained professional staff knows the best and most efficient ways to remove and relocate all of your bee troubles. When bee relocation cannot be completed we ensure that every element of the nest and inhabitants are removed. Licensed beekeepers are used to remove the bees and extreme care is taken to protect the bees and people alike. Contact our office at (714) 546-4510 or (949) 342-4510. We will be out promptly to assess and remedy the current situation.