Bee Removal in Santa Ana

Bees Pest Control and Removal Service in Santa Ana, CA

Bees are a beneficial insect to the human race. They are responsible for about 1/3 of the pollination of the plants we use as food sources, and are also known for their predatory behavior and removal of unwanted parasites. There are times when bees may become a big problem for home and building owners. Bees will generally relocate in a process known as swarming. A swarm of bees comes about when bees are relocating to a new home. This may be because of poor hive maintenance, disease, or a lack of food sources. The swarm encircles the queen and attends to her safety and the safe transport of honey for the colony while scouts are out looking for a suitable home. A swarm of bees has a high number of participants easily into the thousands count, but all swarms vary in size from 5,000 to some 20,000 bees.

Bee removal in Santa Ana is a valuable service that can protect home and property owners from the potential damages that a swarm of bees can produce. Generally speaking, bees in a swarm will not attack and sting unless they are provoked. The problem lies within the location that they choose to make a new home. Bees will house in wall spaces, barbeques, under decks, or just about anywhere that is dark and gives them room to expand the hive. Structural damage is usually not a concern, but bees can wet sheetrock to remove it so they can expand. Holes can also be made in the wall allowing bees to enter living space of the home. If a bee colony is killed inside the home, honey and nectar left behind can ferment and leak through walls and ceilings.

Unless professionally trained to handle bees, the best way to deal with a swarm is call in the professionals. Swarm clusters (bees that are not flying) can still be provoked and sting. This is especially true in areas where Africanized honey bees are present. It is essential that the right type of protective equipment be used for bee removal. Most bee suits are only sting resistant, not sting proof. Also, there is the concern of what to do with the bees once they are removed. Professional companies are staffed by beekeepers who will have or know of a place where the colony can be relocated and thrive.

For bee swarm removal in Santa Ana, the Bee Detectives are ready and able to take on any problem with bees in homes, office buildings, or other properties. All staff is certified bee keepers and can provide fast and reliable service to eliminate bee troubles. Give a call to 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510 today to have your bee concerns evaluated and taken care of. Even if it is a false alarm, it is better to be proactive and have the situation assessed before it becomes a problem. The safety and security of your home and family are just a phone call away and peace of mind you need can be found with bee removal in Santa Ana.