Bee Removal in San Clemente

Live Honey Bee Swarm Removal Service in San Clemente, CA

It must first be emphasized that bee removal in San Clemente – or any other place, for that matter – does not necessarily involve killing off the entire colony. Many, if not most, bee removal professionals can also relocate bee colonies to a professional bee keeper, thus, ensuring that the population of honeybees can be protected. Keep in mind that honeybees are primary pollinators of plants, thus, their importance in maintaining the ecology in general and in agriculture in particular.

When honeybees become a threat to humans, as is the case when these insects set up residence in backyards, attics and chimneys of houses, schools and offices, then honey bee hive removal in San Clemente is a must. Again, relocation instead of elimination of the honeybee population inside the beehive is a better option.

Description of Honeybees

Honeybees are the only surviving members of the Apini tribe in the genus Apis, thus, emphasizing the appropriate approach toward bee removal in San Clemente. These insects are distinguished by their production and storage of honey as well as their construction of hives from wax. Scientists recognize 7 species of honeybees with 44 subspecies, which represents a tiny fraction of the estimated 20,000 known bee species in the world.

These social insects are active pollinators and feed their young with honey during the colder months. Their colonies can survive for several years, a trait that distinguishes them from other bees. Their honey is produced from the pollen and nectar of the plants pollinated, said honey of which is them stored in their nests’ honeycombs.

Indeed, as both pollinators and honey producers, honey bee removal in San Clemente must be handled with great care! Otherwise, we may well hear more bad news about the bee population’s steep drops that, in turn, will affect our food supply.

Control of Honeybees

Yes, honey bee hive removal in San Clemente can be performed as a do-it-yourself project but for your own safety, you are well-advised to ask professional bee removal experts to perform the job. Keep in mind that a single sting from a lone honeybee may not exactly be fatal for non-susceptible individuals but several stings from a colony of honeybees is a different matter altogether.

And there’s also the fact that do-it-yourself bee removal in San Clemente requires several precautionary steps that you may not have the equipment and/or training to adopt. Let’s take a look at a few of these steps:

  • Dress for the job. A bee suit, bee veil and bee hat, and bee gloves are a must during the bee removal process.
  • Choose the right bee control product. It must be noted that there are several products in the market today including bee freeze, a spray-on substance that can kill several bees but not the entire swarm before it disperses; liquid treatments, which are applied on surfaces as bee repellents; swarm boxes, which can contain bees in large numbers; and bee control dust, which acts as both desiccant and irritant to the insects, among others.

Suffice it to say that bee removal in San Clemente should be handled by the experts like Bee Detectives – call them at 714-5464510 or 949-3424510 – because the process can be messy, dangerous and time-consuming.