Bee Removal in Orange

Live Bee Pest Control and Infestation Removal in Orange, CA

The best method of handling a bee problem is to prevent it. You won’t need bee removal in Orange if you take the time to complete a few steps to stop the problem before it starts. One harmless way to make your home unattractive to bees is to use a natural bee repellent, such as orange oil and water. Use two parts of orange oil to one part of water. Paint this on wooden banisters or other parts of your exterior. It’s non-toxic, so it won’t harm your family or the environment. Almond oil and tea tree oil are also good deterrents for bees. Cleaning the yard and garden of trash, weeds and lawn waste is another deterrent.

Some bees are relatively harmless, unless you provoke them. Of course, sometimes even the scent of fear can be a provocation. You can try to handle an infestation yourself or at least prevent them from swarming in your home. To help get rid of bees that are in the house, turn your air conditioner down to its lowest temperature and turn out the lights—closing drapes or blinds during the day. Bees need warmth and light. Both the cold air and sunlight are deterrents. If you use pesticides, you may kill beneficial bees and at the same time pollute the environment with toxic chemicals.

The safest method of bee removal is leaving the removal in the hands of a professional bee removal service in Orange. Trained professionals have both the knowledge and the equipment to handle bee removal in Orange safely, in most cases, without the use of harmful pesticides. Not only do they remove the bees, they also help prevent future infestations. Bees have an incredibly powerful sense of smell. They identify areas where a previous hive existed, particularly if you leave even a bit of the hive or honey. Of course, if you don’t remove the hive, without the bees to cool it by moving their wings, it melts and leaves a sticky mess that attracts other insects as well, such as roaches and even attracts rats and other vermin. Trained professionals not only eliminate all traces of the bees, but can also help you identify trouble spots, such as small openings where they might enter your home or lawn waste that attracts the bees. Green bee removal services also try all the safest methods first, before getting out the big guns—chemicals. There’s no need to worry about pets and family developing health problems from toxic chemicals.

Finding safe, effective bee removal service in Orange isn’t difficult. You can call the specialists at Bee Detectives to provide a thorough and quick solution to your problem. Don’t delay. The longer you wait the bigger the bees build their nest and the more bees you’ll have. Relocating bees is both environmentally safe and humane. Calling Bee Detectives, 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510, at the first sign of an infestation can solve your problem rapidly. They can also show you other methods to prevent future infestation.