Bee Removal in Newport Beach

Getting Rid Of Bees with Honey Bee Removal Company in Newport Beach, CA

Bees are important to the humanity, but nobody wants a hive on their front porch, in their garage or in the tree next to the children’s play area. Bees pollinate the plants to help the process of creating food for our consumption. Without bees, it wouldn’t take long before the world population would become extinct as well, due to starvation. That’s why removing the hives, rather than destroying them is important. When you remove the hive and relocate the bees, rather than exterminate them with dangerous chemicals, you’re also protecting your family and the environment by reducing the amount of chemical residue in and around your home. Many of these chemicals may have long term effects on your health and the environment, which aren’t even apparent in short term studies. No matter how brave you are, removing the hive isn’t a task for anyone who is untrained. Experts should do bee removal in Newport Beach. There are number of reasons for that, besides just protecting the bee.

Even though you may eliminate the bees, you have to remove the hive—the honeycomb—as well. Hives and honey has an odor and bees have a very acute sense of smell. When a colony of bees intends to relocate, the queen sends out 20 to 30 scouts to help find an adequate relocation area. The scouts will find any residue or old honeycomb and report to the colony, which forms a swarm to check out several locations.

Even if you removed the hive, if you left residue the bees can smell, they’re likely to return to the spot, primarily because the original bees chose it due to the protection from the elements, the amount of sunlight received and the lack of predators. The scent left from the honeycomb or residue indicates another colony identified the spot as a perfect location and the bees either build a new nest or take over the hive already created if it’s still intact. You’ll end up with new bee tenants at the old location. The scent of the old hive also attracts other insects, such as roaches or ants—as well as other pests, like rats. If the existing hive melts, due to lack of maintenance, it can also cause damage to the surface underneath it from melting wax and honey. That’s why you need a honey bee extractor in Newport Beach. Unless you have training in relocating the bees, removing the hive and eliminating the remaining scent; you’ll end up with the same problem or even one that’s worse, such as roaches.

There’s no need to expose yourself to dangerous bee stings or harsh chemicals if you have an expert– such as Bee Detectives—eliminate the bees and the hive from your home or business. Bee Detectives are experts in bee removal in Newport Beach and can help you prevent the return of a new swarm or infestation from other bugs and critters. Don’t wait until bees sting family members or friends to take action. Call the best honey bee extractor in Newport Beach—Bee Detectives at 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510 for quick, effective removal.