Bee Removal in Mission Viejo

Bumble Bee Swarm Removal and Wasp Exterminator Services in Mission Viejo

Bees like bumblebees are important insects because of their role as the primary pollinators of fruit and flower plants, thus, their importance in human society dependent on agriculture for its food supply. But when an entire colony of bumblebees becomes visitors in your property by setting up their beehive inside your chimney or in your backyard, you will understandably be concerned because of the problems associated with bee infestation (i.e., bee stings, allergies and aggression). It’s then time to hire the experts in bee removal in Mission Viejo!

Description of Bumblebees

Bumblebees are members of the genus Bombus and of the family Apidae. Scientists have identified over 250 species of bumblebees in the Northern Hemisphere as well as in South America. Humans have also introduced bumblebees in New Zealand and Tasmania, thus, their present wide range of habitats.

These are social insects characterized by the usual black and yellow body hairs arranged in bands – think The Bee Movie –but a few species are also known to have orange or red bands while others are completely black in appearance. Their entire bodies are covered by soft hair, thus, making them look and feel fuzzy.

Like honey bees, bumblebees also gather pollen and feed on nectar.

Control of Bumblebees

Experts in bee removal in Mission Viejo use several methods for effective elimination of beehives in areas where these can be dangerous to human limb and life, as is the case in residential structures. Keep in mind that bumble bee removal in Mission Viejo must be performed under the strictest conditions to ensure the safety of everybody involved as well as the effective removal of the colony.

Chemical and non-chemical bee control methods are considered, of which the final choice will largely depend on the location of the beehive, the severity of the bee problem, and the laws of the area regarding the activity. In the case of bee removal in Mission Viejo, experts usually apply a combination of both control methods for best results.

Professionals to the Rescue

Yes, bumble bee removal in Mission Viejo can be performed on a do-it-yourself basis but calling the professionals for the job is the best option for several reasons. Keep in mind that bumblebees can become aggressive animals when provoked so much so that even non-allergic individuals can succumb to severe multiple stings from an entire colony of bees. Bee removal requires wearing the appropriate protective gear, choosing the appropriate pesticide, and applying said pest control method in the appropriate manner, which homeowners are not equipped to adopt.

Just leave bee removal in Mission Viejo to the professionals and let them ensure your family’s safety from possible bee aggression and its adverse effects! You can then let the professionals decide on the best timing for application of the pesticide, on the choice of the best pesticide to use, and on the best method to dispose of the beehive, among other tasks.

Call the Bee Detectives at 714-5464510 or 949-3424510 now for the best bee removal in Mission Viejo. You will get your money’s worth – effective removal of the bee colony from your residence coupled with safety measures for your family in exchange for reasonable fees.