Bee Removal in Long Beach

Humane Bee Removal and Bees Pest Control in Long Beach, CA

Humane bee removal in Long Beach is an optional choice when a home or yard is infiltrated by honey bees. These insects contribute to successful food production in California and the rest of the US. Removing and relocating them without killing them allows them to survive and do their job of pollinating trees and plants, as well as making honey. Contact a professional to handle humane removal. A beekeeper will often collect the bees if they have yet to make a hive and give them a home. A bee removal service may need the help of a contractor to tear off the walls of your home and remove the bees, wax and honey. It is a very dangerous project because anywhere from twenty thousand to a hundred thousand bees may be in the colony. Bees object to the eviction by stinging whoever is close.

DIY Home Cures for Humane Bee Removal

The most important step in any bee removal in Long Beach is successfully closing all the openings that allow bees entrance. Caulking is one method, while window screening is another. All the honey and wax stored within the walls must be removed before this step. Neutralization involves removing both dead and live bees, the comb and the honey. Proper safety equipment should be worn. Pets and other people should be away from the area to avoid being stung. Once the area is clear, use soapy water to wash down the interior. Leave the area open a few weeks to get rid of any remnants of the colony smell and let the area dry. Deter re-colonization by filling the area with fiberglass batting or spray foam insulation before closing it up.

Defer to a Professional

Using environmentally friendly methods to remove unwanted swarms and colonies of honey bees is the best way of treatment. There is humane bee removal in Long Beach that provides expertise based on years of experience and training. Beekeepers practice a bee rescue system allows removal and relocation where the bees can pollinate the local orchards and gardens. They are also able to evaluate the bees to see if they need to be domesticated once again. There will be times when the bees must be destroyed. An example is Africanized bees, otherwise known as killer bees. They are highly aggressive. The whole colony gets involved in an attack, stinging relentlessly.

When to Call for Help

A swarm of bees might only rest for a few hours. Stay clear of the area unless you feel threatened or the bees do not leave. At that point, it is time to call for bee removal in Long Beach. Taking honey bees out of structures means working around angry bees that sting when threatened. It is possible some of the work will be done from a ladder. Avoid the risk of injury from a fall or stinging bees. Solve the problem today by calling the experienced Bee Detectives at 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510.