Bee Removal in Huntington Beach

Bee Removal Services to Get Rid of Bees in Huntington Beach, CA

Bees and wasps occupy an important place in the ecosystem of the Huntington Beach area. Honey bees provide us with honey and, along with other bees, play a vital part in the pollination of our crops. When it comes to bee removal in Huntington Beach live bee removal is always preferable because poisons do not only affect those pests one is trying to eliminate. Honeybees are already becoming endangered due to what is known as colony collapse disorder and live bee removal in Huntington Beach means the potential damage from insecticides is eliminated. When considering bee removal in Huntington Beach consider the possibility of live removal of the bees but do not attempt it yourself. The results are most likely to include increased property damage, lots of bee stings and some very angry bees that the professionals you eventually call will have to deal with.

The advantage in calling in a professional to perform live bee removal in Huntington Beach is that they have both the knowledge and the experience to do it right. They can determine what kind of bees have invaded your property and they know the characteristic of those bees. They also know, with regard to where the swarm or hive is located the odds of being able to perform a live bee removal. If removing the bees and relocating them is not a possibility they have the expertise in handling insecticides so as to do the least damage to the environment. The Bee Detectives make every effort when doing a bee removal in Huntington Beach to remove the bees alive and relocate them when possible.

When the Bee Detectives arrive they first determine what kind of bees are present and whether it is a swarm (group of bees with their queen resting while looking for a new home) or a hive (already established home). Next the size of the colony and the location are taken into consideration. It is relatively easy to remove bees that are living in an easy to access place such as underneath a grill or on the underside of the eaves. Bees that have found their way into the walls of a home present a greater challenge. Although live bee removal in Huntington Beach is preferred, the type of bee, amount of bees and their location must all be weighted before a decision is made.

When it comes to bee removal in Huntington Beach, it is important to not procrastinate if you think bees have moved on to your property. Only a professional can tell you whether the bees present a danger to you, your family and your property. A quick call to the Bee Detectives, can ease your mind. At a mutually agreed upon time they will come to your home, inspect your property and explain to you what you are facing and what your options are. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger or for your uninvited guests to entrench themselves further. Call the Bee Detectives at 949-342-4510 or at 714-546-4510 and ask them about live bee removal in Huntington Beach as soon as you suspect you have a bee infestation.