Bee Removal in Downey

Bee Removal in Downey to Get Rid of Bee Swarming

If you are like the majority of people, you may be afraid when there is a beehive on or near your property. If fear strikes, your first reaction may be to kill the bees. Killing bees isn’t necessary for bee removal in Downey. In fact, most honey-bees are a factor for human survival and can produce helpful resources for us.

When you come in contact with a beehive, try to find out or ask someone if they know what type of bees are in it. If its honey-bees, there can often be 10-50,000 bees or more in the hive. Bees are often protective and could become aggressive if someone gets too close to the hive. Should the hive belong to honey-bees, try to find a local bee-keeper for bee relocation in Downey. Often local bee-keepers will remove the hive for free or a small fee. Since the number of honey-bees are declining, bee-keepers see the importance of saving these important insects.

Once you find a bee-hive that is active, be sure to remove anyone with allergies, children, elderly and pets so that nobody gets hurt. During the bee-hive removal, it is important to make sure that nobody is around that could get stung or have an adverse reaction. Do not attempt to remove the hive yourself or spray with insecticides. If you are not knowledgeable about bees, you could end up getting hurt and creating some very angry bees.

Removing large bee-hives could be very dangerous-especially to novices. If you do not know what you are doing or how to handle bees, it is important to contact a professional. Most bee-hives will need to be cut down. To remove the hive, you should call a licensed bee removal company, exterminators or beekeepers. These type of professionals will have access to protective clothing and the necessary tools and resources to remove the hive. Some will also know how to remove the hive without hurting the bees too. Many local bee-keepers will actually prefer removing the hive safely without killing the colony.

If you do not have a hive removed, any excess honey or dead bees can attract other bees, ants or wax moths. When that specific colony moves out or if you exterminate them, it leaves room for more bees to come in later. Bees will inhabit an empty hive if it is available.

If you have found a bee-hive near your home or business, be smart and call a professional. It is always best to be safe instead of sorry. Also, you can help save a bee colony and have it relocated somewhere it won’t endanger others. There is nothing worse than getting stung by an angry bee. For bee removal in Downey, call Bee Detectives at 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510.