Bee Removal in Costa Mesa

Bee Removal Services to Get Rid of Bees in Costa Mesa, CA

The same year round mild weather that we humans enjoy in Costa Mesa makes it an ideal location for swarms of bees to prosper. While bees can be beneficial they can also be pests. Allowing bees make a home on your property can be more than just an inconvenience; bees can damage property as well as cause personal injury if they are agitated to the point of attacking. Most bee stings are simply a painful annoyance, but for some individuals a bee sting can be fatal, which is why bee removal in Costa Mesa is often advisable. A bee infestation in Costa Mesa should only be handled by a professional familiar with bees and their removal.

Bees looking for a home will take advantage of even small cracks in masonry around a chimney or use the chimney itself for their hive. To keep bees out, homeowners need to caulk around sites where pipes or wiring enter the home. Additionally, they need to screen all opening that cannot be caulked such as attic vents, drains, chimneys and irrigation valve boxes. If evidence of bees is present, do not block the bees exit; instead, call in professional help. Other precautions to avoid a bee infestation in Costa Mesa include removing all outside debris and trash from your property.

Many people do not realize the danger to property and life that a bee infestation in Costa Mesa can represent. While a few bees may not seem like a serious problem, a few honeybees looking for a new home can quickly turn into a 20,000 to 50,000 member hive. Moreover, there is always the possibility that the “honeybees” the homeowner thinks he has are in fact Africanized honeybees also known as “killer bees”, a more aggressive type of honeybee. Other bees such as bumble bees and carpenter bees may be less of a threat to people but still be a nuisance. With a call to the Bee Detectives the homeowner can find out what type of bee problem they have as well as the best solution to the problem. In the case of honeybees the bees can often be given a new home with a beekeeper. Remember bee removal in Costa Mesa is best left to those with the experience to do it efficiently and humanely.

Some homeowners, not recognizing the difficulty that bee removal in Costa Mesa presents, think they can do the job themselves or hire a handyman to do it for them. What they do not realize is that killing the bees or convinces them to move is not enough. Addressing a bee infestation in Costa Mesa means removing the bees and all evidence of their presence such as dead bees, the comb and honey as well as taking steps to avoid future infestations. Removing all bee debris means no unpleasant odors coming from the site and no insects or rats being attracted to scavenge the site. To insure the safe and humane removal of a bee infestation in Costa Mesa call the Bee Detectives at 949-342-4510 or call 714-546-4510. Don’t wait for your bee problem to escalate; for bee removal in Costa Mesa, call the Bee Detectives as soon as you suspect you have a bee problem.