Bee Removal in Anaheim

Bee Removal Experts to Stop Bee Infestation in Anaheim, CA

If you’ve noticed bees coming into an area of your home or found a hive, your first reaction may be to get a can of insecticide and spray until you can spray no longer. However, unless you’re an expert at identifying the exact species or type of insect, you may be making a big mistake. Some bees are quite beneficial—even though you may not want to share your home with them. Some simply don’t attack unless provoked—such as honeybees or bumble bees.

There are destructive bees too. Carpenter bees bore holes in the wood of your home. Africanized honeybees are quite aggressive and may attack in a swarm if you disturb them with a loud noise or vibration. Sometimes, insects people believe to be bees are really wasps that sting repeated without losing their stinger. Even friendly bees, such as honey bees, can create problems. The wax and honey can create staining and bring unwelcome visitors, such as ants, rats and roaches. Experts can identify the type of insect by looking at the nest, the bee or identifying the behavior. For instance, carpenter bees bore holes in your house, while others build a hive in a protected area. Wasps have a papery hive, rather than a waxy one. Each type of insect requires different treatment. You can see why professional bee removal in Anaheim is important.

If you’ve found a cluster of bees in your home, on the outside or close to your home, don’t try to deal with it yourself. A bee removal service can relocate the hive and clean the area of any residue. Bees have a powerful sense of smell. The scent of just a bit of the hive or honey can bring another swarm back to the spot and you have the same problem again. Don’t grab the first can of insecticide either. Most bees are quite beneficial to the environment. They pollinate plants and saving them can be important to our food source. Also adding another toxic spray to your environment can have a detrimental effect on your family and pet’s health. A honey bee extractor in Anaheim can be one of the most beneficial options. While some companies use pesticides, to kill even beneficial bees, a good bee removal service relocates the bees.

Besides relocation of bees, there are other ways to identify good bee removal in Anaheim. The removal service takes care to remove all residue from the hive so new bees don’t return to the same location. This also protects your home from other pests and prevents other damage caused by an empty hive. Bees keep the hive cool by continuously moving their wings. If you remove them, without removing the hive, the waxy nest melts and can create damage to your interior. Other vermin love the honey left in an empty hive, such as roaches and ants, so it also helps prevent their appearance.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your family and home. Get professional help from a professional honey bee extractor in Anaheim to take care of your bee problem. Bee Detectives are one top and can help you with bee removal. Don’t wait and risk a sting, allergic reaction or damage to your home. Call 714-546-4510 or 949-342-4510 today for immediate evaluation and help.