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Professional Orange County Bee Removal
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Orange County Bee Removal

The Bee Detectives, Inc. is owned and operated by Amy Cripps and Ryan Nichols. We are highly trained experts in the bee removal field as well as local beekeepers in Orange County, CA. Our goal is to provide you with the best knowledgeable consultation and personalized service, and we focus on Integrated Bee Management.

Amy Cripps has been dispatching and consulting on bee removal virtually every day for more than 8 years. She has heard nearly every story, about every situation, you might come across regarding bee infestations in Orange County. When you need an expert to ‘see’ the problem right over the phone, look no further. Let’s just say she can talk about bees in her sleep! She has also served on the board of the Orange County Beekeepers Association for 6 years, including a second consecutive year as President in 2013. This extracurricular activity focuses on educating the public, coordinating events, and teaching novice beekeepers successful and neighborly practices for the urban setting. Try some of her company’s local honey!

Ryan Nichols has over a decade of experience as a licensed pest control specialist in the bee removal field in Orange County. He is always happy to provide clients with full detailed explanations of their specific bee problem. Clients can also count on full descriptions and advice about any structural issues relevant on the property. His lifetime background in construction along with  his childhood fascination with bugs landed him perfectly in the bee removal and beekeeping world. His ability to conquer the most difficult and tricky jobs is unparalleled, and they are, of course, his favorite. If you have a difficult job that no other company can figure out, he’s the one you need.

Why Choose The Bee Detectives for Bee Removal Services in Orange County?

Orange County Bee Extermination from The Bee Detectives is advised for these reasons:

  • A professional is trained on how to handle bees.
  • Less potential for harm to yourself or others.
  • Complete removal of all bee elements including hive and honey.
  • Decreased opportunity for new hive to move in and establish itself.
  • No harmful side effects to the environment.

If you see a swarm of bees, it is best to stay away from them. The quicker a swarm is reported, the better the chance of eliminating the problem before a hive is established. Calling a honey bee extractor in Orange County is the best option for taking care of bees and other stinging insect trouble.

If you think you have a bee problem, do not hesitate to call The Bee Detectives at (714) 546-4510 to schedule an appointment today. Drop us a line for information on products and services available as well as other useful tips. Remember, the bees are small, but their sting can be mighty. No need to leave things to chance when you have professionals on your side. Do not delay, call today and be worry and bee free very soon.